Top Gear Series 24 trailer debuts, looks promising

They’re back.
Moving into its twenty-fourth series, the BBC recently debuted the latest Top Gear trailer for enthusiasts and casual viewers alike to lay eyes on. It looks promising, with all the top-notch production and editing quality we’ve come to appreciate melded with the new hosts’ personalities and presenting capabilities displayed at their finest. There seems to be some actual charm this time around, making this a show you definitely won’t want to miss.
Hit the jump to watch the trailer, and for a quick breakdown of what we can expect.

Following Chris Evans’ departure, Top Gear is left with three hosts who show a lot of promise in creating a lovable, enjoyable show just as it once was. The minute-and-a-half preview displays just that, and gives us a glimpse into what we can expect from the upcoming season. It’s clear that with no Evans, Chris Harris and Rory Reid have both moved up in the ranks, a welcome change and one that could create a new dynamic.
Have a look for yourself:

If Harris’ trying-not-to-laugh grin seen above doesn’t say it all, we can go on to deduce a bit more from the trailer. Crucially, Top Gear‘s classic sense of humor doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere, and it seems to be very heavy on the automotive, rather than entertainment, side of things. Inside the series we can expect the same format we’ve come to know: road tests galore, from the highly-produced bit like we see in LeBlanc’s DB11 piece to the light-your-hair-on-fire roaring excitement of a Chris Harris track test of the Ferrari FXX K. Throw in Reid’s excitement seen at the end of what looks like a wheel-to-wheel cheap-car stage rally and it appears we’ll be treated to a much more natural season than the prior first run with these hosts at the helm.

With Season 1 of The Grand Tour having just concluded and leaving a bit of an underwhelming feeling amongst many of us, the release of the Top Gear trailer could not have been timed better (though I’m sure it was deliberately done so). While the “holy trinity” of Clarkson, Hammond, and May will very likely fall into stride with their new format as they move forward with TGT, it seems that the current crew at Top Gear has already done so as their sophomore effort comes to fruition.
A premiere date for Series 24 hasn’t been set yet, but if Wikipedia is to be believed we should see the first episode air sometime in May. Stay tuned, as this should be good.

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4 responses to “Top Gear Series 24 trailer debuts, looks promising”

  1. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    That looks to have the proper mix of personalities, production values, and anarchy to carry on the Top Gear tradition

  2. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

    I’m honestly much more excited for this than The Grand Tour. Matt LeBlanc was fantastic in the last season even despite having to work with Chris Evans. Him, Harris and Rory Reid will no doubt be great.

  3. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    The guy in the middle’s thick neck makes me think what Top Gear really needs is Henry Rollins as a host. He has some gearhead experience as the host of “Full Metal Challenge” a few years ago and he’d certainly be interesting

  4. Zentropy Avatar

    I only watched a few of the early, first-season shows, and gave up on it. LeBlanc was a dud– his lines sounded either canned or infused with boredom. Harris has always struck me as pretentious, long before his TG gig. I like Reid, though.
    Perhaps with Evans’ departure and a bit more time to iron things out, the show has improved. Maybe I’ll give it another shot. It’s gotta be better than Grand Tour.