Throwback Monday: Famous Factories

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Welcome to Throwback Monday where we take a look at how things once were, or at least how certain famous cars were once built. This week we’re looking at how Porsche builds the Contemporary 911.
Last week we watched the early days of Porsche where fabrication of 356 bodies and interiors were shopped out to Karrosrie Reutter. This time we’re a fly on the wall to the construction of its lineal successor, the 911, and those cars are in da haus!
While the 356 may have been built in batches, today’s Porsche is a full-scale automaker cranking out their mainstream models at a respectable clip on a pretty standard for European factories production line.
In this short video we get to see some of the detail work—the application of badges, fitting of ancillary driveline parts, and engine and body mating—that is still done mostly by hand on both the 911 and Boxster/Cayman.
One of the most interesting bits is the fitting of the steering wheel and driver’s airbag. I’m sure the assembler does dozens of those per day but I would still wince at having to load that cannon. The horn beep at the end made me jump a little too.
So sit back and enjoy this relaxing look at how some of our favorite sports cars come together.
Image: YouTube

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  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    I like it. But, almost a minute to stick the emblems on? I guess it’s a balance between cost of automation and cost of labor.

    1. Rob Emslie Avatar
      Rob Emslie

      Just think how many Kia Rios were built in that minute!

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