This quad-turbo Silvia is delightfully insane

Are you ready for insanity? It arrives today in the form of this Nissan Silvia. Under the hood is a 2JZ motor, which is not insane. What is insane is the quadruple turbocharger setup. Also the hand operated secondary throttle body. Oh, and the jet-engine on the rear of the car for forced downforce, but that bit isn’t quite operational yet.
What’s also thrilling about this car? It doesn’t have power steering.
This build is glorious in its insanity.
[Found via Reddit]

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3 responses to “This quad-turbo Silvia is delightfully insane”

  1. Alff Avatar

    I often achieve similar results … with far less effort.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Quadruple turbos are now available on a production car – BMW 550d. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    From the look of the bodywork, there’s a strong hint that during construction, one of the builders said “Here, hold my beer.”