This Must be the Cleanest Renault Alliance GTA Convertible on the Planet

1987 Renault GTA convertible for saleIn today’s edition of Rare Does Not Equal Valuable, we’ll be examining a Renault GTA in 7.5/10 condition. The GTA was a special version of the Renault-built-in-Kenosha Alliance that had the first $1,500 worth of mods anyone would do to sport-up car: body kit, seats, exhaust, motor mounts, lower gearing, sway bars, alloys, etc. According to wikipedia, the main auto mags liked it well enough (despite making a mere 95hp). If nothing else, the GTA gets bonus points for being manual-only.

This example is the extra rare convertible, so the seller can’t really vouch for whether the A/C works or not. Other than that, it’s largely devoid of rust in the rockers or more typical places. Between the old weatherstripping and some hints of orange in the floor, it seems this one might not be completely water-tight anymore.

1987 Renault GTA interior1987 Renault GTA engine

So, unlike the preposterously priced LUV from earlier today, this one’s got a reasonable no-reserve current bid of $1,175 with the auction ending on Saturday. For a small stack of Benjamins you could have the pleasure of constantly reminding people it’s not a Cavalier.

1987 Renault GTA for sale – eBay Motors

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