This Land Rover Advertisement Makes Me Want to Get Cold and Wet

Land Rover

Yesterday I was in the parking lot of my local yuppie food emporium and parked next to me was an older Land Rover Discovery. The owner was at the back attempting to unload his cart full of fashionable food, but he was having a good bit of trouble getting the Disco’s rear door to open with the key. He eventually went around to the driver’s door where he was able to manage to pop the lock with the remote popper. Ah yes, I thought, the joys of Land Rover ownership. 

I’m a big fan of Land Rover’s products, and I think the world’s automotive panoply is all the richer for the British brand’s inclusion. Suffice to say however, I generally have no inkling to own one myself, and there’s little that could be done to change that.  Well, that’s what I thought at least.

You see, Land Rover has an ad campaign in Great Britain that celebrates the extreme. Modernistically dubbed, #hibernot, it advocates not just braving the elements, but embracing them. It’s a remarkable campaign as it only obliquely mentions the marque at all, but instead focuses on everything the hair-shirt brand evokes. Check out the TV advert after the jump and tell me if you too don’t want to experience the snow on your face, the chap on your hands, and a Land Rover in your driveway.


Image source: YouTube

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