A V8 into a Volvo has been done before. Many times before, in fact. But that doesn’t stop us from appreciating any fresh one that comes along. Take, for example, this Swedish delight that arrives in the form of a Volvo 242. It houses a Chevrolet small block 409 cubic inch V8. Not only that, but this one breathes through a set of velocity stacks and is backed up by a manual gearbox.

How does it sound? What’s the Swedish equivalent of Scrumtrulescent?

Traction is clearly an issue. The driver is Scandinavian, however, so they’re used to working the steering wheel properly to fight weather-induced oversteer. Here, that oversteer is courtesy of horsepower and a need for more rear tire, but the principles and skills are similar.

While it’s the Volvo wagons and sedans that seem to get most of the love, it’s nice to see a built up coupe. And this one appears to have been built up rather well… even if the video description says the engine is already blown. The car will be rebuilt sometime this year, if it hasn’t been already. We’re not sure, the channel only has the one video posted to it and it was posted over a year ago.

Hopefully the orange hot rod rides again, not in Valhalla, but prowling Swedish back roads, race tracks, and drift circuits.

[Source: YouTube via Road&Track]