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This is the story of the Free-B MGB GT we race in Lemons

We’re now a two-car team with respect to the West Coast efforts in the 24 Hours of Lemons. Yes, we still run the 1962 Ford Ranchero and it finally has V8 power. But we’ve added another headache; a 1966 MGB GT. And this one too, somehow, also has V8 power. Even better? Both cars finished the last race we did under their own power.

The Lemons team interviewed car owner Ted Odell (father of Tim), and he spilled the story of how he wound up with a car for free. Of course, it doesn’t stay free. Especially when you want to take it racing.

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2 responses to “This is the story of the Free-B MGB GT we race in Lemons”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Your father is a great storyteller, Tim. What kind of V8 is that? As a Urobean, I can’t really tell them apart. Also, one thing worries me. I have followed you guys on the Hooniverse for over a decade now. Why on earth don’t you age?

    Side note: That ridiculously winged Volvo 245 at 1:19 looks like a blast. If you guys have a chance to do small presentations of Lemons cars again, I’d read/watch that.

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      It looks like probably a 3.5L (family) aluminum V8, which started out as a Buick in the early 60’s, before moving to Yurrip for the next couple decades.

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