This is how you use bread to remove a pilot bearing

The Boost Brothers have put together a …unique tutorial. The pair are currently wrenching on a Subaru WRX. An old pilot bearing needs to come out, and that usually requires a slide hammer. It’s a bearing that’s in a position where you can’t really get to the back of it to pop it out. Unless you have a specific tool, however, and this tool is actually readily available and not expensive at all.

It’s a piece of bread.

Paired with an appropriately sized wooden dowel, the combination of bread and hammer-supplied pressure result in an easy way to remove a sticky bearing. Ball up bits of the bread. You mash it into the hole in the center of the bearing. The dowel and hammer jam it all in there. This forces the bread to push on the back of the bearing. It starts to move forward, and eventually it winds up forced from its home.

The compacted bread is easily removed. Any remaining bits can be cleaned up with a bit of brake cleaner and a microfiber towel.

This is insane. This is genius. We love it.

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