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This insane go-kart uses a glowing-hot pulsejet engine

You take a go-kart. Add an insane engine. Then grab a camera and go for a rip. That’s what Rocketman Bob Maddox is doing in the video below. According to the description, he’s run this thing up to 90 miles per hour. It seems like it can go a hell of a lot faster than that too, if one were even crazier than crazy Bob.

Maddox owns Maddox Jets, which bills itself as the final word in pulsejets. And I have no reason to believe otherwise. The lead photo on the website is an old Jaguar sedan with a massive jet engine. Maddox also lists engine plans, sells complete engines, and engine kits. A completed engine runs anywhere from $875 up to $2,100 which… if honestly less than I would’ve guessed.

Bob has an interesting path to pulsejet salesman. He was an artist who went skydiving and fell into a fascination with speed. After that, he searched out info on jet engines, found the schematic for a pulsejet, and the rest is hot nasty jet-thrusted speed history.

Go check out his YouTube channel for way more videos and projects. This guy is fascinating.

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One response to “This insane go-kart uses a glowing-hot pulsejet engine”

  1. I_Borgward Avatar

    I saw just such a pulse jet gokart out in the wild many years ago! It was a single engine job, but very similar to what is in the video, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was the same guy. You could see the pulse jet glowing cherry red as it did huge arcing circles, the engine bellowing like the gods playing sousaphone, echoing off the mountainsides. Hoonage of the highest order.