This Colt is radio-active

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder in which people have thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions).  In fact when I was looking for the exact definition in the dictionary they showed a picture of this car. 
Interestingly enough, I can totally relate to this guy.  You see, when I was 16 and got my first truck, I decided I needed a CB radio.  Don’t ask me why, I just did.  So I saved my pennies and purchased the cheapest one I could find at the truckstop up on the hill.  If memory serves it was a Cobra 19.  Volume, squelch, channel knob.  It’s all I really needed to harrass truckers driving by keep in touch with all my other friends.  What started out as a fun way to waste time quickly turned into an out-of-control hobby.  It wasn’t long before I upgraded to a top-o-the-line rig with all the bells and whistles.  It had an SWR meter, upper/lower sidebands plus a bunch of “extra” channels and programable roger-beep.  From there I got my amatuer radio license followed by an expensive 10 meter radio and a scanner to top it off.  Oh, and let’s not forget all the antennas to accompany all the chrome and knobs.  Everywhere I went I had to worry about the antennas smacking powerlines and low flying aircraft.
I know what you are all thinking.  This guy has never had a girlfriend and probably never will.  Hell, where would she sit if she did exist?  It matters not, for when the end comes in 2012 (or whatever end-of-the-world date you subscribe to) this man and his mobile command center will be what saves the rest of us by linking together the tattered communications networks.   We should all be so fortunate. You say poor radio guy? I say poor us.
Hit the links for a plethora of pictures including some of the art found on the car as well.
Source:  Cardomain via odditycentral

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  1. P161911 Avatar

    There is a guy that works in the same office park where my office is, he has about a 15' antenna on the back and for or five smaller antennas on the top of one of the last gen 2 door Explorers. He also has enough gear on the inside that the back suspension is only an inch or so off the bump stops. I wonder how this Colt manages to not be slammed to the ground.

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      From the looks of that switch box, I'd say hydraulics or airbags.
      I can't make fun of him though, I work with waaay too many ham weenies.

  2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    The only way this would be cool is if all that shit worked.
    As an example, my friend's girlfriend's uncle Jave. He's got a late-third-gen Firebird. It's white, it's pretty sweet, and he's currently working out a multitouch HUD. If it ever gets off the ground, it will be amazing, and it will not drive away tha laydeez.
    This will. It's gone past the point of slightly cool, to ridiculous, to funny, to claustrophobic.

  3. Alff Avatar

    I don't understand this guy's motivation. I guess he and I aren't on the same wavelength.

  4. LTDScott Avatar

    HAM in the place where you drive, then slow dooowwwn.

    1. FЯeeMan Avatar

      I actually read that in tune. The first time. Nice.

  5. BGW Avatar

    That's one way to skirt the texting-while-driving ban.

  6. citroen67 Avatar

    But the real question is: Does it have a CD player? Because if I can't jam to my favorite Rage Against the Machine album while waiting to spot an F-5…I just don't want it!

    1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

      Rage Against the Machine? Please tell me you ere kidding.

      1. citroen67 Avatar

        lol. Yes.

        1. muhnkee_2 Avatar

          heh, lets not be hating on rage against the machine, they are going to be the christmas number 1 this year in england!

          1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

            The fact that a seventeen year old song that sucked when it was new is beating a new song in sales for the holiday speaks more about the new song than the old one. Just sayin'… The fact that there's a charity behind the resurgence of the old song probably helps too. Besides, hating on anything established, whether or not doing so is logical, is RATM's shtick, right? Since they're now old and established, hating them is in line with their own philosophy, right?

          2. citroen67 Avatar

            I don't necessarily hate RATM…simply because of my love for music. I will even admit that some of their songs are kind of catchy on the instrumental end, but most are clouded by bleeding-heart lyrics of American hatred. The only real problem that I have with Rage is the fact that they will put out multiple albums bitching about how Americans have no real freedoms and basically calling most of their fans robots to the system…while they sit high on the hog from success that was achieved in a country that they all professed to hate. I can respect anyones hatred of anywhere, but don't preach to me about how much you hate it here, and then continue to live here. If it was that bad for them, you'd think they would have hopped a plane outta here the moment their first album went platinum.

  7. engineerd Avatar

    I shudder to think how this guy actually drives. One cell phone seems to be enough to bring most people's driving skills down to the same level as an 8 year old on Pole Position.

  8. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Okay… a few thoughts….
    1. Jo Schmo: Pictures or it didn't happen.
    2. I have a CB in the Jeep and there's nothing wrong with that.
    3. Does this guy have brain cancer yet?

  9. CptSevere Avatar

    This Colt either has one badass heavy duty alternator or a few normal ones running off of rigged-up brackets and a longer belt to run all this shit. Either way, the engine doesn't have the torque to run this whole mess. Is the back seat full of batteries? Does he tow a generator on a trailer? Mental.
    I had a roomie once who built his own rigs from ancient miltary radio chassis, buzzy hot running power supplies and really weird big vacuum tubes. That was cool, especially when he contacted Australia via Morse code. His antennae were pretty meatball, too. His stuff was off the wall, but clean and workmanlike. Should have seen him solder connections, the master at work. That was real ham stuff. Pretty cool. His MGB, needless to say, never suffered from Prince of Darkness woes. Hams can be cool.

    1. FЯeeMan Avatar

      Yup. My thoughts exactly. Even if the trunk is full of batteries, they'll all be dead the moment the engine shuts down, unless there's some really good power management.

  10. joshuman Avatar

    I don't see an iPhone dock in there.

  11. scroggzilla Avatar

    Barely enough room for a nerd and his tin-foil hat in there!

  12. Jacques Dou Avatar

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