This Celica AllTrac Will Go to The Crusher if You Fail to Act!

1988 celica alltrac for sale1988 celica alltrac for sale

We’ve been told by more than one reputable source that the Turbo Celica AllTrac isn’t the most reliable car out there. Shocking to think that a late-80s Toyota with a rare drivetrain and turbocharged 190hp motor wasn’t fully optimized for longevity. Regardless, it’s a rare bird and an example of the kind of awesome risks Toyota used to be willing to take. This particular example was purchased out of a junkyard (shocking!) with no title, but all the parts* for a nicely built engine. It’s only got 80k miles, which sounds low by today’s Toyota standards, but is probably the equivalent of 180k given the dog years-like calculations required for such a vehicle.

Answer to the * after the jump.
*Turns out it’s missing one connecting rod. Apparently someone stole it. Luckily, we here at Hooniverse have the number of a guy who’s trying to unload a single 3S-GTE rod for “real cheap, man”.

1988 celica alltrac for sale1988 celica alltrac for sale

Other than that, my experience with sideways mounted Toyota motors consists of staring into the engine compartment of former roommate (and current Team Uberbird member) Graham’s MR2 Spyder with a swapped-in 2zz-GE. It made for a great poor man’s Lotus until a few weeks ago when it blew the head gasket.

Back on topic, according to the seller, this puppy’s going to the crusher on 3rd (aka tomorrow) unless someone has $450 obo they’re willing to shell out. This is LeMons GOLD, folks. Make your move.
’88 Toyota Celical AllTrac on Houston Craigslist

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19 responses to “This Celica AllTrac Will Go to The Crusher if You Fail to Act!”

  1. Jeff Glucker Avatar

    We also know where there are TWO cars with potential donor parts…

    1. Baron Von Danger Avatar

      Would that be here?

    2. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

      damn this sherman oaks man, why must he hoard all?

      1. Tim Odell Avatar

        We were there a week ago.
        Picked up a whole rear subframe with Bilstein struts, among other things.

    3. Brian Wyatt Avatar


  2. chrystlubitshi Avatar

    if i were anywhere near houston.. it'd totally jump on this…

  3. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Got to be worth $450 for the All-Trac graphics alone! Sounds like a motivated seller. He should get a job doing commercials for year-end closeouts:-
    "Hundreds of 2010 Fords MUST GO! Buy today or they go to the crusher! Get that brand new Mustang in your hands, not the cold hydraulic claws of death! AMAZING DEALS!"

  4. Baron Von Danger Avatar

    Now you guys owe me a ten second car
    I will settle with a $450 All-Trac Celica

    1. Tim Odell Avatar

      Oh yeah…thanks for that.

  5. tristan Avatar

    plan at least 6 hours to do a clutch. ask me how i know

    1. abe98 Avatar

      do tell

  6. discontinuuity Avatar

    You could say that the MR2 blew it's ZZ Top.

      1. PowerTryp Avatar

        How do you find a Canadian in a crowded room?
        Step on peoples feet till someone apologizes to you!

        1. joe Avatar

          Problem with Canada?? YOu naughty naughty word.
          [Edited by Deartháir because Joe apparently doesn’t realize that Canadians are expected to have manners, and commenters on Hooniverse are expected to show some respect for each other.]

          1. Deartháir Avatar

            Here's your one warning. That's completely unacceptable.
            1.) Learn the blog's culture before you start running your mouth.
            2.) Show respect for other commenters on the blog.
            3.) Contribute something worthwhile to the conversation, or shut your goddamned mouth.
            PowerTryp is Canadian. If you had followed any of those three rules, you probably would have been able to work that out on your own. Feel free to join in the conversation here, but show some respect.

  7. PowerTryp Avatar


  8. janeth smith Avatar

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  9. Brian Wyatt Avatar


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