bmw m3 wagon swap off-road

This BMW wagon has been upgraded for adventure

You start with a BMW M3. The E46-generation version. You know, one of the greatest driving cars of all time. Then you add an E46-era wagon into the mix. Swap the fun engine into the longroof and let the upgrades commence. That’s what Daniel Sloan has done to this car and the result is absolutely wonderful.

The full list of upgrades is as follows:


  • 2001 BMW 325xi Touring Orient Blue Metallic

  • 3.2L S54 from a 2004 M3

  • aFe Cold Air Intake

  • Custom high-flow exhaust

  • Custom Tune

  • E46 330xi 6-speed manual

  • Z4M clutch & flywheel

  • 3.91 Wavetrac limited-slip differential

  • 3.91 X3 front differential

  • 325xi brakes with steel-braided lines

  • KW V1 Coilovers set to the tallest ride height

  • Strut tower and subframe reinforcements

  • Droop limiters removed for increased travel

  • Ground Control camber plates

  • 17×7 BMW Style 12 steel wheels

  • 225/50R17 98Y Vredestein Quatrac 5 tires (snow-rated UHP all-season)

  • E46 M3 manual-adjustment seats

  • E46 M3 steering wheel

  • E46 M3 gauge cluster

  • Otherwise-stock black E46 interior swapped from a donor E46 Touring

  • OE Euro tail lights and front corner lights

  • E46 M3 front bumper with splitter HARD Motorsport

  • E46 M3 fender flares (to fit M3 diameter tires)

  • Custom skidplate

  • Deleted roof rails

  • Rally Armor Urethane Mud Flaps

  • Hella 500 fog lights

That is a perfect list to turn this BMW wagon into a true rally-ready adventure mobile. And the owner truly appears to enjoy ripping trails. This is inspiration for me to try and push and get my own damn wagon done because a setup like this is exactly what I envision for the ultimate form of my Benz.

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5 responses to “This BMW wagon has been upgraded for adventure”

  1. Neight428 Avatar

    Nothing more adventurous than trying to find a VANOS solenoid while overlanding.

  2. smaglik Avatar


  3. bill Avatar

    Really. Nice. Build.

  4. salguod Avatar

    Frankly, I think the car was more interesting as he bought it.

  5. Viktor Avatar

    Nobody mentioned that the video starts with a Climb Dance homage?

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