The Mercedes-Benz 300TD is a perplexing machine. Occasionally, you can find one for just a few grand. My own, currently un-engined, example initially cost just $2,500. The OM167 engine it came with was strong but the transmission was dying. None of that mattered since both were getting pulled. Here’s another example of one of my favorite wagons, but this one is in much better shape… and it just fetched $27,551 on Bring-A-Trailer.

Finished in a loverly shade of blue, this S123 is quite clean. The odometer shows just 110,000 miles, which everyone knows means this longroof is just getting warmed up. Blue and tan pair well, and the interior looks even cleaner than the outside. Still, nearly $30 large is a hell of a lot of coin for an old diesel wagon.

This feels almost like Mercedes Motoring money, for a car that’s not quite Mercedes Motoring quality. It’s a great wagon, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still an old-ass slow AF wagon.

Sure… it’s faster that my wagon right now. *sniff*

It also feels like it was quickly scrubbed clean to look good for the sale. There’s something about the underside and engine shots (which you can see over on the BAT listing, linked above). Everything looks pretty good, but there are a few spots that feel… scrubbed clean to diminish any issues. That could just be me being overly cautious, but that’s the vibe I get here. And I hope I’m wrong, because everything else about this car is lovely.

An old car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. In the case of this old oil-burning wagon, that means about $30,000 bucks. That’s certainly better than paying $110,000 for a cleaned-up Chevy truck…