Never mind Formula 1. Those who want to see really good racing turn to IMSA or some kind of spec racing series. It is where teams seem to be most even, vehicles are built to a tight spec, and at least most of the racing is dependent on driver skill.

The most common spec race series are of various BMWs, Hondas, Miatas, and Porsches. Those wanting to see more drama can follow the Ferrari Challenge, where the driver skill is less of a factor but the crashes are spectacular. But in Australia, they race… Hyundais. And not those awesome new Veloster Ns but rather Excels, or Accents as they were called in North America.

Anyone who’s driven a 1990’s Hyundai Accent will agree that those affordable commuter cars left a lot to be desired by enthusiast standards. To say that they didn’t handle well would be putting it mildly. But, much like 24 Hours of Lemons, that is what makes this racing so great. And much like Lemons, the entry price is low. Check out these videos.

Source: Our friend Michael Banovsky. Check out the rest of his website to see a lot more hugely weird and interesting cars.