The Wraith…is for sale!

Packard Walsh thinks he and his gang own the town, as well as the surrounding roads. They race, they steal, adn they kill. One of their victims was Jamie Hankins. He is one victim who longs to set things right. He does so by coming back to life as Jake Kesey (played by Charlie Sheen) and driving one bad-ass ride known only as The Wraith. The Wraith was based on the 1984 Dodge M4S concept car and it cost around $1.5 million dollars. The rear-wheel drive car was powered by 2.2L Cosworth inline four-cylinder engine. Thanks to twin turbos, the Wraith was said to produce 440 hp making it the perfect ride to enact vengeance, 80’s style. The Wraith destroyed the gang and brought peace to the land, making the world safer an easier to patrol for Sheriff Loomis (played by Randy Quaid). Want to own a piece of automotive history? Now is your chance because the car is in Wichita, KS…and it’s for sale:

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