The time still can't be right for the Renault Avantime – but it's cool

IMG_20160409_165916 The Renault Avantime is one of the bravest ideas for a mainstream manufacturer’s production car. In essence, we are talking about a personal luxury coupe three-door minivan, and one from France. It cannot have come as a surprise that it didn’t exactly sell like hot cakes; production lasted from 2001 to 2003, with little more than 8500 built. But cult status is definitely deserved, and these photos show just how weird an Avantime looks with the windows down. IMG_20160409_165746 There are so many things going on with that rear pillar. IMG_20160409_165807 The glasshouse is enormous. IMG_20160409_165815 The leather chairs do look supremely comfortable, and the visibility must be great even from the rear seats. IMG_20160409_165901 The steering wheel is the most ordinary thing in the car, even if it’s two-toned. IMG_20160409_165908 IMG_20160409_165823 IMG_20160409_165828 Extra visibility and natural light is introduced through the skyroof; the car opens everything if the “Grand Air” mode button is used. Delusions of grand air? IMG_20160409_165925 IMG_20160409_165846 Next to the MX-5:s, the Avantime looks like a toaster. IMG_20160409_165802 But what a toaster. [Source: These images were provided by Joe W, friend of Hooniverse!]

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