This is a Subaru WRX STI, and it costs $64,000. That’s if you can find one without a dealer markup (which, for the record, you can). But why would anyone spend that much on an STI? Because it’s a limited-edition version, and it’s the best STI I’ve ever driven.

This is still a hard sell. I realize that. But this car is built as a thank you, love letter for the biggest fans of the Subaru WRX STI. And it’s a fitting way to say goodbye to this generation of the car. There’s a new one coming eventually. Hopefully, Subaru has taken all of the knowledge gleaned from this iteration of the car and is properly applying it to the next one.

Because this one is damn good…

Is it $64,000 good? It just depends on who you ask.

[Disclaimer: Subaru tossed me the keys to its WRX STI S209 and included a tank of fuel.]