The Stencil Speaks the Truth

Tool box stencil
Mr Jalopy is a character you should know. Currently he spends most of his time as a bicycle monger, but not long ago we was up to his neck in…well…jalopies. So much so that the site for his store, Coco’s Variety was specifically chosen for its automotive capacity. In addition to trafficking high quality used bicycles, Coco’s serves as a two-wheeler service station as well.
A bad experience with a tool loaned to a stranded cyclist has led to the creation of the Coco’s Customer Tool Box. Along with clearly marked hand tools and a few cool stickers, the box is stenciled with this wisdom.
We Loan Tools – Coco’s Variety. Also, be sure to check out Hooptyrides, less frequently updated, but the archives are a great way to burn the rest of your afternoon.

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  1. tonyola Avatar

    I saw the band Yes perform in 1974 and I got to see the roadies unloading equipment from the trucks. All of the gear and tool boxes were stenciled with "YES – FRAGILE".
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