Infiniti G35 with a Vaydor body kit for sale

The seller isn’t joking: Here’s a Vaydor-bodied Infiniti G35 for sale for $85,000

In 2013, Vaydor Bodykits began selling heavily customized pieces to turn 3rd-generation Infiniti G35 coupes into something entirely different. There are two versions of the kit. You can have a coupe or a roadster, with the roofless one actually getting a roll cage to keep chassis stiffness in check. The rights to the kit are now owned by a company called Custom Crafted Cars and a Vaydor-kitted G35 was even used in the film Suicide Squad. And if you really want to be a Joker, you can buy one for yourself because there’s one on Craigslist… and the asking price is $85,000.

Underneath the kit lives a 2006 Infiniti G35. It has 79,000 miles on the stock engine, per the seller listing. Here’s the full text from the ad:

Stock engine (approximately 79,000 miles/out of country at the moment) on a 2006 G35 with clean title. Only driven about 3,000 miles and it has been more than two years last driven ( but has been turned on and ran once a month). It has minor issue that can be repaired before the sale. It comes with the hard top that needs a small back window. Custom exhaust, adjustable racing suspension with sound system added to stock receiver. Metallic Gray (Egg shell sheen/custom shade) with copper accent exterior and interior. Was registered in Las Vegas as a G35 Infiniti but it can be registered in any other state as a Brand New SPCN car of this year. (Ask for details)

$85000 (Bitcoin and Ethereum excepted) As incentive can give back or credit 5% towards the purchase price with Bitcoin and or Ethereum.

Please leave text messeges or by WhatsApp since not in the U.S.

That is quite a hefty price tag. Especially for a car that hasn’t even been driven in the last two years. There’s no arguing that it’s a head-turner. But are you turning your head to admire it and wonder what the hell you’ve just seen… or for other reasons. I will say that I do like how the Vaydor logo is simply an upside-down version of the Infiniti logo. That feels like it’s open to legal wrangling, but it does make me laugh.

vaydor upside down v logo

If you want to see more photos, you can follow the link to the Craigslist ad here:

[“Thanks” for the tip, Rick Radcliffe!]

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4 responses to “The seller isn’t joking: Here’s a Vaydor-bodied Infiniti G35 for sale for $85,000”

  1. Manic_King Avatar

    Someone paid quite a lot for all this tackiness and for the kit-car look. And those rims, I don’t even…
    One could get, say, 911 for the same money. Would be interested to see if anyone on BAT would be crazy enough to buy this.

    1. Zana Lakovic Avatar
      Zana Lakovic

      Not everyone wants to be a sheep and own the same as every sheep . Nor does everyone like a 911. Maniac King. Stick to your tonka toys

  2. Maymar Avatar

    “(Bitcoin and Ethereum excepted)”

    Well, that checks out.

    That said, this feels strongly of a butt for every seat. Not my butt, mind you, but it stands out, it’d be quick enough, and it wouldn’t be a total pain to live with with the Infiniti bits underneath.

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