The Real List of Girl Cars is pretty darn girlie

On the Internets, “chick car” is perhaps the ultimate automotive insult. Probably every car currently in production (other than maybe the Ariel Atom and Se7en) the has been derisively labeled a “chick car” by some forum fanboi at some point. V6 Mustang? Chick car. Miata? Chick car. Corvette? Yes, I’ve even heard that called a chick car. But which ones really are chick cars? TrueCar has analyzed registration data and come up with statistical findings that establish once and for all which cars really are the domain of the fairer sex. Here’s the list, as published by USAToday:

Volkswagen New Beetle 56.1%
Nissan Rogue 53.5%
Hyundai Tucson 53.0%
Volkswagen Eos 53.0%
Volvo S40 51.9%
Honda Cr-V 51.3%
Kia Sportage 50.5%
Toyota Rav4 50.4%
Nissan Sentra 50.1%

via USAToday

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