The Puffy Cheeks of a Black Cat – Jaguar XJR

Roll out the feline similes. We got a Jaguar here.
The titular phrase refers to a tongue twister in Finnish – mustan kissan paksut posket. Try saying that quickly a few times in a row. While practicing, here’s today’s sighting for you to look at – a black, black, black Jaguar XJR. After hours and hours of extensive research, I was able to pinpoint it down as the 1997-2002 X308 bodystyle; the ’90s XJ:s of X300 and X308 do look quite similar at a quick glance. The XJR is a brawny beast with its supercharged 4.0-litre V8 offering plenty of push at 370 horsepower. It’s one of the most menacing cars I know, and the body looks a lot better than the 2002 all-aluminium X350 that succeeded it, let alone the current, Lexus-like X351. While there was visually little wrong with the ’80s XJ40 that started the bodystyle evolution, losing the glass brick headlights in favor of a classic round quad setup was the right move; and the X308 is the undeniable pinnacle of that bloodline. Feast your eyes on these grainy parking garage snaps of this black executive express. With its blacked-out glasshouse chrome and positively industrial-looking wheels, the XJR makes a Moomin out of a neighbouring Xsara. The glimmer of water on the trunk almost makes it look like there’s an ungainly, skinny spoiler on the bootlid, but it’s just an optical illusion with the trunk chrome. The light-coloured leather makes the admittedly tight-looking cabin nicely airier. A nice thing about this exact car was that there was a child seat strapped on the back seat. I’m sure any kid that’s being hauled around in a black, supercharged V8 Jaguar is going to grow up just right. The leaping cat present and correct. Blacked-out grille with mesh is a serious design feature, but it keeps things looking aggressive. Since nobody bought these in Finland when new except for a select number of wealthy individuals, this is most likely a recent German import. The going rate for one of these must hover somewhere around 15k eur; you can get an earlier X300 XJR for less than 10. There’s a 1995 car for sale in this town for a little less than 12k, but since it’s been for sale for a while, there’s probably some room for haggling.

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