The Pothole, The Back Story, The Follow Up

Earlier this weekend, this olelongrooffan did a blog about The Pothole that popped up during the 2010 Daytona 500. I mentioned at the end of that blog that thepaintdude was told to expect a visit from some NASCAR and International Speedway Corporation big shots. Well, Counters, that visit occurred and this olelongrooffan, while not there in person, got the inside scoop as to what happened during that meeting. That event occurred on Thursday afternoon and thejeepjunkie spoke to the paint dude on Friday, got the scoop and related it to TheGoodAttorney and this olelongrooffan Friday afternoon during Happy Hour. thejeepjunkie started talking and this olelongrooffan started taking notes. A “bunch” of NASCAR dudes showed up at the paint dude’s shop late in the afternoon bearing gifts of appreciation. I asked thejeepjunkie how many there were. He related thepaintdude just said “a bunch.” And what were those gifts I am certain you are asking? This olelongrooffan is certain some research was done on the tastes of the paint dude, given the gifts they were bearing. Does four cases of the best bondo that can be bought surprise you? And thejeepjunkie said, “It is the good stuff, not that cheap cr*p AutoZone sells.” Apparently, the paint dude has the same taste in cold beverages as thejeepjunkie and TheGood Attorney and several cold cases of it accompanied those NASCAR dudes. In addition, a vintage wooden Budweiser box was included. Probably gotten from the Bud Clydesdale Wagon this olelongrooffan saw at the track awhile back. Also in their possession were several 750 ml bottles of that leather bag encased Pampered Ron Ariyo Aniversario rum. Retail $33.00 per bottle. Incidentally, my BigBrotherBob drinks this stuff and keeps all of the empty bottles and bags. He throws them into his pool to keep it from freezing when it gets chilly down here in The Sunshine State. In addition, NASCAR also included a section of the track removed this week during the permanent repair of that pothole. NASCAR removed a “dump truck sized” portion of the track and replaced it with black concrete. And this olelongrooffan is certain you Counters out there are wondering why those cheap NASCAR dudes did not include the original bondo section the paint dude had installed? Well, Counters, get this. Members of the #1, Jamie MacMurray, Bass Pro Shop, Earnhardt Ganassi Racing Team removed it after the race and that bit of famous bondo left the Daytona International Speedway in Jamie’s motorcoach the night of the race! And it is knowing inside sh*t like this that lets this olelongrooffan Celebrate Life.

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