The Parking Lot of The Art Of Auto Show

As is often the case at car shows, often times what’s seen in the lot is just as cool as what is in the show itself.  The car show this olelongrooffan attended on Saturday was no exception.  Yes, my fellow Hoons, that is a bright pink sedan in the background of the above image.

While most of the cars I spotted in the lot that day were high end European models, there was a cool old MOPAR lurking nearby.

Surprisingly, there were alot of these little 500’s around also. I had seen at least fifteen of them that day.

I gathered this image of the row of cars parked on the street outside the convention center.

Just down the street was this rare 850. This is one of my favorite BMW body styles. It ranks right up there with the 507, E30 and Z8.

And just for all the hatchback Hoons out there, I captured this image of a first gen Camry before they got all beige on us.

Finally, this olelongrooffan must ask, “Which one of these is not like the others?”

img src= this olelongrooffan
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