The News for September 29th, 2017

Welcome to the Hooniverse News! As always, this is a weekly recap of some of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull. There’s also just a little opinion of mine because I can. This week:

  • Porsche brings Turbo S E-Hybrid powertrain to Panamera Sport Turismo

  • Ford goes all in on the luxury truck trend with Super Duty Limited

  • Porsche reclaims production car record on the ‘Ring with GT2 RS

  • Upcoming Subaru concept may preview new WRX

  • Dyson wants to build an electric car by 2020

  • What’s your automotive news?

Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo

Porsche’s most difficult name to remember is now this powerful variant of the Panamera Sport Turismo wagon. The range-topping Turbo S E-Hybrid powertrain has already been released in the Panamera saloon, but this high-performance hybrid option will soon be offered in the much cooler body style.
Those that correctly opt for the Turbo S E-Hybrid will get the best of both worlds. Porsche’s 4.0-liter biturbo V8 (550hp) is paired with a 918-inspired electric motor setup (136hp), creating an all-wheel-drive eco warrior with up to 680 horsepower and 627 lb.-ft. of torque combined. 0-62 mph is achieved in just 3.4 seconds and on pure battery power alone it can travel up 30 miles and at speeds of up to 87 mph… just maybe not at the same time. The batteries can be charged on the go or in as little as two-and-a-half hours when plugged in.

With the Turbo S E-Hybrid powertrain comes a load of standard performance features like dynamic chassis control, torque vectoring with rear differential lock, carbon ceramic brakes, 911 Turbo-esque wheels, and a three-chamber air suspension system.

All of that performance is nothing particularly new, but it being in a more practical and much cooler package is. The Sport Turismo body style improves headroom for back seat passengers and increases storage space to 15 cubic feet or up to 46 cubic feet with the seats folded down. So it’s basically a wagon with 680 horsepower.
It’s cool, but you’ll pay dearly for it. Prices in Germany (including VAT) start at €188,592 (~$222,912).
[Source: Porsche]

Ford Super Duty Limited

Speaking of outrageously expensive things, Ford has a new range-topping F Series trim and it confirms that the trend of luxury trucks is here to stay. They pulled the wraps off the Super Duty Limited trim for the F-250, F-350, and F-450 4×4. Ford believes this trim sets new standards for high-end trucks. It’s a luxury vehicle that can tow over 30,000 pounds, which as Ford points out, is about the same as the Air Force’s F-35A weighs without fuel and armament.
Funny enough, like the F-35 JSF program, the price tag on the Super Duty Limited is also hard to believe. From F-250 Limited to F-450 Limited, MSRP is set between $80,835 and $87,100. An F-450 Limited with all the options goes for $94,455.

“What’s the point?”, Ford asks in their own press release. Todd Eckert, Ford Truck group marketing manager, says there are heavy duty truck customers who “need Super Duty-level capability and want true luxury”. Trends show truck buyers moving towards higher end offerings – in the Super Duty alone, more than half of all sales go to the Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum trims. To meet this trend, they’re creating the most premium truck they can manage.
The Super Duty Limited can be distinguished from the rest by its twin-bar satin grille with chrome accents, quad-beam LED lights, and a satin-finished tailgate. Inside, it has custom Camelback two-tone leather seats, premium stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel, armrests, and instrument panel, Miko suede headliner, hand-finished dark ash wood trim, and of course special badging.

It also gets every bit of tech they could fit into it… which is to say it has a lot. It sports a class-exclusive 360-degree camera with trailer reverse guidance, the latest version of Sync, class-exclusive adaptive cruise control and adaptive steering, lane-keep assist, forward collision warning with brake assist, flat rear load floor with fold-up locking storage, full panoramic moonroof with retractable shade, heated and ventilated front seats, and heated rear seats. So yeah, basically everything.
The new official luxury car of Texas is available this winter with Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V8. It’s available as an F-250, F-350, and F-450 with both single and dual rear wheel configurations.
[Source: Ford]


Another day, another Nürburgring lap record – this time by the mental Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The previous lap record for production cars was held – controversially – by the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, but it fell to both factory driver Nick Tandy and test driver Lars Kern who each broke the record on their first attempt. After several runs, five of which were under 6:50, the fastest lap was ultimately set by Lars Kern with a 6:47.3. It’s roughly five seconds faster than the Lamborghini and ten seconds faster than Porsche’s own 918 Spyder. The 911 GT2 RS was factory fresh and was running with Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires. You can see the lap in all its glory right here.
[Source: Porsche]

Subaru has teased an upcoming sports sedan concept, but it may also preview the new WRX. The car is called the Viziv Performance Concept and it shows large air intakes up front and extensive braking ventilation along the extended wheel arches. Less radical things like the redesigned front fascia and the greenhouse could very well be our best look yet at the new generation of WRX. The whole concept will be on display at the Tokyo Motor Show.
[Source: Autoweek]
Dyson – as in the vacuum and airport bathroom hand dryer company – plans to launch an electric car by 2020. With that announcement came the commitment of $2.7 billion and a team of 400 to make it a reality. Work has already begun, but don’t expect a lot of teasers or leaks about the car’s details due to the growing competition within the EV space. Fortunately, that leaves us plenty of time to come up with some sucky jokes.
[Source: MotorAuthority]

What’s your automotive news?

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, so now it’s your turn. If you saw anything, fixed something, broke everything, or otherwise did anything even remotely car related that you want to share with your fellow hoon, sound off in the comments.
Have a good weekend.
[Image © 2017 Hooniverse/Greg Kachadurian]

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28 responses to “The News for September 29th, 2017”

    1. crank_case Avatar

      Looks dangerous, Dyson with death in traffic.

  1. onrails Avatar

    Taking the big girl dancing tomorrow at Grattan Raceway. First time in my SS and first time back on track since the school run accident last year. I’m looking very forward to getting back out there and also seeing how many people wonder what that Malibu is doing out there! Pretty cool getting all the track stuff into the trunk with lots of room to spare! And very much looking forward to real speed and lots of stick time. Autocrossing was good to see if I could still hustle it around, but nothing beats a track.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      So how did you do, the two of you?

      1. onrails Avatar

        Too much fun! Grattan may not have the cachet and amenities of a big budget track, but the layout is still challenging and fast. Lots of blind turns, lots of elevation, and if you’re going fast enough, a jump right into a hard braking zone… full report on Friday but we can still tango pretty well together.

    1. crank_case Avatar

      preview of off road model with unique wheel design:

    1. P161911 Avatar

      A 2.3L Ford engine. So you could just drop in a 2.3L Turbo out of an SVO right?

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Aside from a bit of fiddling with the propane system, it should just bolt right in place.

    2. crank_case Avatar

      This vehicle makes a statement, that statement being “no, my wife doesn’t share my hobby”

      1. Vairship Avatar

        Drive it with a KV1 Mini on the bed says: “Yes, I DO like Brutalist automotive styling. Why do you ask?”

        1. mdharrell Avatar

          “Tumblehome is for poseurs.”

  2. Greg Kachadurian Avatar
    Greg Kachadurian

    Last weekend, I joined my roommate and his friend from Canadia up in the north Georgia mountains for some shenanigans and got a big surprise. Up on a scenic overlook on top of a mountain miles away from civilization was a real SVT Cobra R. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person. The guy rescued it from a collector and has over 500 miles on it within the last month.

  3. nanoop Avatar

    Something for Hooniverse Asks: which daytime driving lights are nice/obnoxious?
    While the four dots of P-cars are working as a recognizable label I can’t wrap my head around the square in the circle. Different from all the attempts of eyebrows and pearl necklaces, but ugly nonetheless.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Plus they enable idiots to drive at night with no headlights because they see some light output in front of them plus their dash is lit.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Yes, some do that indeed. I liked the way my VW Skoda Roomster did it, the hands were illuminated but not the face – if you couldn’t read the speed properly, you should turn on the actual lights.
        My current car is ignition on = full illumination front and rear, I’d prefer to use the light switch as labelled (off-parking-full) instead of “on but foglamps won’t work” -parking-on. On the other hand, only one pair of lamp assembly to age, fail, and fix.

  4. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i got some fresh seat covers for my new-ish project Mercedes, but i’ve been filling rock chips in the hood of the Volvo for a few days. i’m still learning what the hell i’m doing, so it’s taking a few iterations, and in the suddenly cool, humid weather, the little dabs of paint take two full days to dry to a sandable hardness.
    it’s a satisfying job, but i wish paint dried faster. still, the nose of the car looks better than i ever thought it could, and when it’s all done it’ll be fixed properly. i’ve sanded out the rust, applied primer, and sanded the paint layer flat. i also sanded out some runs where a previous owner had painted the bumper on the car poorly. it all just needs a good sanding down to flat and polishing up to shiny and it’ll be good as new.
    if you have rock chips and some spare time, i highly recommend filling them. not only will it make your car look better, it’s a gratifying way to learn about paint.

  5. Sjalabais Avatar

    After a recommendation here, I tried AquaPel – strange stuff. It works well at speeds above 60-70 kph, which is pretty impressive. The “waxed” windscreen is so slippery, the wipers have trouble carrying rainwater away. At first, it also added a hazed layer that I didn’t entirely manage to remove with paper towels, as recommended, but that’s better now. Sounds like a mixed bag, but I’m first and foremost impressed.

    1. nanoop Avatar

      I always wonder how these coatings would work on glasses when cycling through the rain. “above 60” is implying my answer, I guess..

      1. Sjalabais Avatar

        Haha, point taken. It’s not unlike spilling wax on the windscreen:

        View post on

  6. Alff Avatar

    Building a good reliable car is very hard. Perhaps Dyson should start with something easier like building a good reliable vacuum.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      At least they are already familiar with the desired price point – assuming they sell their car for what they’re currently asking for a vacuum cleaner.

  7. crank_case Avatar

    As much as I’d love a big ‘murican pickup, at what point in the F number lineup do people realise what they actually need for towing is made by Scania?

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      There isn’t any mention of changing the suspension so I assume the F450 still rides unladen like any other HD truck – not really luxury?

  8. nanoop Avatar

    Sunday night project car update /question: rear brake made grinding noises. I removed the pads and 1/2cui of sandy, funky grease, put back the pads, and everything seems ok now. I didn’t drive, but tried to brake with engine off, and the noise did not return.
    Is this a regular behavior and everything will be fine, or should I brace for the “investment” into a new/refurbished cantilever?

    1. onrails Avatar

      “Sandy, funky grease” sounds kinda ominous… Caliper seals starting to go, or was it from something else?

  9. salguod Avatar

    Those are some of the most poorly integrated dually fenders that I’ve seen in a long time. Ugly.