Interesting – Ze Germans, Porsche to be exact, now go to Warsaw, Poland to make commercials for their new models. Specifically, the base 911 coupe and cabriolet. This is interesting for several reasons. First, Warsaw streets are incredibly congested, more so than many other large European cities because currently there are only two metro lines in the city. There are buses and trolleys, too but the metro is by far the fastest.

Last time I was there the roads did not seem conductive to sports cars, much like Boston or New York City, despite many people owning sports cars. Lastly, something something about Germans invading Warsaw, often still a sore point, perhaps because the scars of WW2 are still vividly visible throughout Warsaw.

But this is a new world.

It is a new union.

And it certainly is a new Poland.

People may have moved on but perhaps not forgotten. There has been an economic boom – people have made money and are willing to spend it. It’s no longer an emerging country but it is an emerging Porsche market. Perhaps making a commercial of an iconic sports car that bears the name of Nazi party member, a car that is made by Germans, in a city once destroyed by Germans, is the very definition of progress… if not irony.