The new DMC: Sorcery of a Different Sort

Quick!  If I say “DMC”, you say “12”, right?   It’s forever been that way since we met those bad, bad, VW-driving Libyans and learned how to defeat them.
Well, after viewing the following video, the acronym “DMC” is going to have to fight more than Libyans for it to solely mean “DeLorean Motor Company”.   Apparently there’s some Doc Brown wannabes in Festus Missouri, and while they don’t need gullwing doors and a Mr. Fusion to build up their so-called “DMC”, fusion of a different type is most definitely involved.
Some of you will catch on the instant the hood is popped.   All of you will had damn well better wear a downright McFly grin as soon as it cranks… and keep on cheezin’ all through the test drive.   If you don’t, well, you’re a communist, and should promptly go back to Libya, seeing as how you disabled proper vid embedding of this particular clip.   So you’ll have to take the 88mph jump to YouTube to view it, but trust us – it’s worth the effort.  Just try not to read the title as that could spoil a wonderful surprise.    (And don’t ask me if they have communists in Libya – if you can’t fall in love with this, that’s the least of your worries and besides, it’s not the 80’s anymore).
See Hear what I mean?  So which would you rather have:  a prop DMC time-machine, or a drivable invisible-garbage-truck where-the-hell-is-that-noise-coming-from Holy-WTF! DMC (Diesel Monte Carlo) Headasploder?    If you’re still unsure, check the video’s relatives on YouTube, where there’s all sorts of diesel mashup sorcery for you to wrap your head around.  Who knows, by the time you’re done I might have found a new pop culture meme to poorly beat to death.
(Burnout for Sparky Pete for the tip!)

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  1. joshuman Avatar

    [youtube T9–ISeNexM&feature=related–ISeNexM&fe… youtube]

    1. CptSevere Avatar

      Yeah, I had to watch that, too. PAH! barely describes the sheer badassness of this smoke machine.

    2. P161911 Avatar

      See that's why diesel cars will never catch on in America, they are just too smokey.

    3. Target29 Avatar

      As they say "Smoke 'em if you got 'em, boys!"

    4. jjd241 Avatar

      Totaly matches my dream road trip setup: A giant ugly wagon circa 70-71 and a matching vintage travel trailer. Do the resto/mod suspension modernization and throw some bio-diesle at it and never come back!

  2. joshuman Avatar

    [youtube T9–ISeNexM&feature=related–ISeNexM&fe… youtube]

  3. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Must get home from work so I can watch this video wtih SOUND!!!

  4. dwegmull Avatar

    All this needs now is air brakes.
    I wonder what size of diesel engine would fit in a DMC12… Maybe a Renault unit from the same vintage as the PRV?

  5. Maymar Avatar

    But is there room in that engine bay for two Cummins engines? I'd like this DMC to be a 12.

  6. engineerd Avatar

    Holy Irish-built, cocaine-funded awesomeness, Batman! That is awesome. My dream for a LeMons team includes a diesel powerplant. If Audi can do it, why can't I?

      1. engineerd Avatar

        PS: What is that from?

        1. Deartháir Avatar

          If you view the image, i'll bet you can guess it! Since you liked it, I'll see what we can do about sending one your way.

          1. engineerd Avatar

            The Smart!
            Now the "shown actual size" makes sense. Plus, If we threw that in an E30 I bet Murilee and Judge Jonny wouldn't give us too much shit about it.

          2. Sparky_Pete Avatar

            Hmmm… I don't see any whiskers or droppings…

    1. Goingincirclez Avatar

      Sorry my man. I'm 100% with you on sentiment, but to be a proper LeMons diesel, it needs to be one of GM's abortive coffee-cans-o-shards, or that goofy BMW-sourced diesel Ford tried to use in the Tempo. Nothing sensible or reliable will do!

      1. CptSevere Avatar

        Diesel Chevette. That's all there is to say.

  7. P161911 Avatar

    That's a whole lot better than the diesel Monte Carlos the General built in the early 1980s. Knew a guy that had one of those, swapped in an Olds 350 and got super cheap insurance because the VIN said it was a diesel.

  8. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    I hate diesels. Hate. I hate them for making me breathe gritty soot when I'm trying to cross the street. I hate them for sounding like a washing machine full of hammers. Acceleration in a diesel is like half of a BJ, it starts off strong and just when you think you're getting somewhere, you're out of revs. No matter how good it is, it always feels like you only got the first half. I hate diesels for making my dad work second shift while I was in school and never getting to see him. I hate diesels for the time that stupid F350 totally killed me at IRP. I hate diesels for towing those rolling parking lots that make a freeway motorcycle ride so ass-puckering. I hate diesels.
    I'll go to my corner now.
    /Two cycles get a free pass, but only if they have air starters.

      1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

        Heh. Never driven one, but from what I could hear on the televised races, my assessment stands. Less wwwwwwaaaaaAAAAAAAAAA and more buurp, buuuurp, buuurp.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      Fellow Hoons, one of our own has blasphemed the Holy Church of Diesel. We must bring him back into the fold, or send him to Canada for re-education.

      1. highmileage_v1 Avatar

        Give him to Deartháir for the Polar expedition, after the lashing. I'm torn on diesels. I love their efficiency and grunt, but, after living in Europe for 5 years and breathing diesel fumes daily and hearing the incessant clatter, I'm not so fond of them.

      2. Goingincirclez Avatar

        Let Mistress Murilee deliver the lashings. The only question is how many?

      3. Smells_Homeless Avatar

        Ha! I fear neither Canada nor the flail of Murilee. I'm the frickin' Martin Luthor of the HCoD!

    2. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      + 1 for "half a BJ"…pretty much describes most diesels perfectly.
      Of course, when you're towing, that's about all you need.
      I'm not sure how that fits into the metaphor.

      1. Goingincirclez Avatar

        Could always use the Dumptruck method: backup and unload. Wait, what?

        1. Tim Odell Avatar
          Tim Odell

          I've afraid of where this comment thread is going…

    3. dculberson Avatar

      Don't worry, man, you're not alone. Though I wouldn't say that I hate them, I am not fond of them. Once they can match or exceed the power, NVH, particulates, and cost per mile (not mpg, since diesel is frequently more expensive than gas!) of a gasoline engine then give me a call. But as it is they're always at least stinkier and noisier and usually weaker than their gas counterparts. I know of the Audi awesomeness, but that's the exception rather than the rule.

      1. Tomsk Avatar

        Have you driven VW/Audi's 2.0L TDI? It's as quite as a lot of gas engines, no smoke, no smell and 236 lb.-ft of twist. 236! That's well into gas V6 territory.
        Also, I don't know if it's true where you are, but here in SoCal you can find diesel for the same price as regular unleaded (+/- $0.02) if you shop around.

    4. ptschett Avatar

      My income has always been tied to diesels (first running them, now designing around them) but I do agree with your concerns. The particulate matter problem will get addressed as older diesels rotate out of the fleet and are replaced with vehicles complying with the 2007 and 2010 regulations, and with the modern electronically controlled injectors the engines are getting quieter since they can do multiple injection events per cycle and soften the blow when the fuel burns. I'd comment on the folks who think their truck isn't complete till it emits choking clouds of black smoke, but I think the 2010+ engines with SCR will take care of that between the extreme anti-tampering and driver-inducement features that the EPA mandated.

  9. Tiller188 Avatar

    That's…pretty head-asplodey, all right. I was kinda hoping it'd start beeping when the guy put it in reverse, though…

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      I think we need to send them an email. How could they have overlooked that?

  10. Sparky_Pete Avatar

    Head-aspoley… Thanks! I was having trouble finding the right words!

  11. FЯeeMan Avatar

    You said "DMC", I thought "Run".
    Yes, I spent formative years in the '80s. And you failed to make an 88 MPH reference.

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      Yeah, me too. Except that I didn't spend anything in the '80s whatsoever.
      In fact, I was gonna make a lame "listen to that DMC run" joke or something, so I'm glad you got there first.

  12. Watch Shrek Avatar

    I tend not to leave comments on posts, but your blog post urged me to applaud your efforts. Thank you for writing this, I’ll favorite your blog and check in every now and then. Cheers.