The LA Auto Show is almost here and it's bringing 60 vehicle debuts with it

The Los Angeles Auto Show runs from November 30th through December 9th. Inside the LA Convention Center, automakers dish out the dirt on their latest wares. Some of it is old stuff being reshared but LA serves as the major kickoff show for the season, so there are tons of new vehicle debuts as well. This year is no exception as LA will play host to more than 60 debuts. Some of them are… fine. Well others are quite a bit more interesting.
Jeep is bringing its pickup truck to the party. That should make big news as this is one more piece of the JL Wrangler puzzle of which we’ve been waiting. The other being that oft-discussed diesel engine option. 
Hyundai is rolling out a brand-new vehicle. Mitsubishi is too, for some reason. Audi will use the LA stage to debut the e-tron GT concept four-door electric performance coupe. Even Polaris is bringing  few freshened up Slingshots to California.
Volvo will use the LA Auto Show to highlight its S60 and V60 Cross Country wagon. So you know we’ll be paying attention to both of those.
What else are you hoping to see unveiled in Los Angeles later this month? Fingers crossed for a factory-built V8 Miata, right?

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6 responses to “The LA Auto Show is almost here and it's bringing 60 vehicle debuts with it”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    The JL pickup has my attention, though it will be fleeting if Ford manages to take the wraps off of the Bronco for the NAIAS in January, as the speculation seems to be predicting.

  2. Tomsk Avatar

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford debuts the GT500 in L.A., because it (and everything else) would just get sucked into the super-massive black hole of mid-engine C8 Vette hype if they did it in Detroit.

  3. Fred Avatar

    Manual transmissions.

  4. Mister Sterling Avatar

    I am just thrilled to be there. In NY, I get a press pass each year, because I was once a Hyundai guest (gawd, in 2010, I think?). Now I am going to LA as a normal car shopper. And taco and cocktail connoisseur.
    I think I’m excited to see the Kia Telluride. I do wonder what the hell Mitsubishi is doing.

  5. Sjalabais Avatar

    Funny timing for Jeep’s diesel, now that Europe’s diesel sales are imploding. They didn’t offer any of the Steyr or Italian engines that have graced European Jeeps in the US?

  6. nanoop Avatar

    I just listened to a TST podcast from July about a jam session, Farrah might join “and suck”, as he put it. Hope to see a bootleg of it (not of Farrah failing (which I doubt), but all the motor heads swinging)

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