The Green Flag Is Up!

The racers are a-rollin’ here at the Circuit of Grand Bayou.  The pack has thinned slightly over the first two hours, and some cars, like the plucky AMC Gremlin, sadly didn’t even make it to the parade lap, but many of the cars are still running fine.

The field’s still pretty thick

Someone told me the Speedy Cop team was in the lead a few minutes ago.  I believe them, I guess, though it doesn’t really matter two hours into a 24-hour race.
The preliminary “Rolling Roadblock” award goes to a yellow Crown Vic dressed as a taxicab, medallion and all.  It just came in for a two-hour stint, so hopefully their consistency will make up for their rolling at 30 miles an hour down the main straight.

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3 responses to “The Green Flag Is Up!”

  1. Deartháir Avatar

    Wait… someone was trying to race a Gremlin? That's so awesome!

    1. sketchler Avatar

      Yep, and they've run two of them before, for a total of 30 laps. Last I checked (a couple hours ago), they were swapping the engine from an also-not-running Eagle wagon into it. Why not, right?

  2. dculberson Avatar

    Speedycop is usually an IOE contender, but he's going for an overall win this race. Given his success at the IOE, he's got a good shot here. Best of luck, Jeff! You've earned it.