The Forza 6 Porsche Expansion: Worth every penny.

Ever since EA got the exclusive rights to have Porsche cars in their racing games, even the best games and sims have felt a little empty. So when Turn10 announced that the legendary Stuttgart brand would be once again coming to Forza 6 I was all aboard. Usually, a car pack includes just a handful of cars and maybe one or two more rival challenges for you to tackle. But when you are given a shot at one of the most prestiges marque in motorsports, you have to go all out, don’t you?
When you think of Porsche, there are models that immediately come to mind; the 356, the 930, and the 918, just to name a few. And each of those cars represent a different time in the company’s history, from the beginning, to the new future of hybrids and a return to LeMans, and Forza took their time to represent each of these eras. Instead of just releasing 20 cars and calling it a day, they took their time, got a few Porsche drivers into the VO booth, and cracked out a roughly six hour campaign where you race each model that the pack offers, complete with the history of the car and backstory on each circuit you visit.

The cars themselves are rendered in the full Forzavista way, letting you open up and explore the cars even when you aren’t driving. This combined with the attention to detail of the car’s interior and finish really shows the amount of love that went into this pack. They easily could have phoned it in with the license and churned out a few cars and called it a day, but that’s not what they did. They put a lot of thought and into making sure the history and prestige of Porsche was well represented. They made sure that the importance of the older models informed how we look at the current ones.
I implore you, if you own Forza 6, do yourself a favor and pick up the pack. The cars and inclusion of VIR would have been worth it alone, but the campaign and new challenges make it a steal.
[Disclaimer: Turn 10 was kind enough to throw me a code for this expansion so I could review it. If you want the pack yourself, you can grab it for twenty bucks on the Xbox Marketplace.]

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  1. Andrew_theS2kBore Avatar

    I play a fair amount of Forza, and personal biases against 911s aside, I have to agree. VIR in SEVEN different configurations and the 962, RS Spyder, and 919 sealed it for me.
    However, I’ve hardly played it, as the Lamborghini Trofeo series started the same day, and I’m finding setting high enough results in both Rivals and League to move on to the next round to be a full time pursuit…

  2. Tomsk Avatar

    It’s a good buy at $20, but it would have been even better if they threw in a 917, 928 and/or 935. I mean, unless EA is planning on doing a modern Porsche Unleashed remake, I can’t see them putting any of those in a Need for Speed title anytime soon…

  3. hwyengr Avatar

    Also sad to see no 928, and also would like to have had the new turbo non-Turbo 991s. I am ecstatic, though, that they toned down/out the stupid wastegate sound that’s in every non-Porsche turbo car in the game. You can barely hear a real Fiesta ST’s turbo spool, period, let alone hear the wastegate dump every time you take your foot off the gas.

  4. crank_case Avatar

    It’s a nice pack, love the Cayman GT4 and 919 hybrid, but there’s a real shortage of aircooled 911s, only the 930 really, would love to have seen the likes of a Carrera RS, both the original 70s and 964 versions.

  5. Borkwagen Avatar

    Does it come with an Audi expansion as well? Asking for Wendelin Wiedeking.