ford bronco raptor jumping in the air

The Ford Bronco Raptor is as awesome as you’d expect

I knew I’d like the Ford Bronco Raptor, but I didn’t know that I’d love it. But I do because it’s amazing how well it handles off and on-road. You have good power, tons of travel, the best tires, and plenty of drive modes to handle any situation ahead of you. The Ford Bronco Raptor kicks a lot of butt…

[Disclaimer: Ford tossed us the keys to the Braptor and included a tank of fuel, then we tossed the thing into the air.]

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2 responses to “The Ford Bronco Raptor is as awesome as you’d expect”

  1. George G Avatar
    George G

    Just think it could (probably) be yours for only $30K over MSRP. If you’re lucky. Just build something better for (substantially) less.

  2. AHR Avatar

    Bronco looks like an absolute beast, not going to lie! Thinking about modifying it for hunting – probably installing a couple of rifle racks and ammo storage boxes in the back. Should be more than enough to fit something like a couple of shotguns, my Colt M4 rifles( and like 2 boxes of ammo. Should be more than enough for any deer or maybe even elk hunt.

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