The Flood Retires

The Flood sheds a tear.
After 40 years of service, the 1972 Ford tractor that has been used in my hometown of Rossland, British Columbia, to flood the local hockey rink is finally being retired. It’s a sad day, but also a celebration. This was a vehicle that was never supposed to do this job. It was not designed for this, and it was something of a temporary solution. But it ended up doing the job so well that it never got replaced. On the occasion of its retirement, the astonishing gang at Juicy Studios put together a tribute. Normally at this point I’d have something more to say. I don’t. Watch the video. It actually brought a tear to my eye, and it’s one of the best automotive movies I’ve ever seen. If we ever manage to scrounge together enough cash decide to put together HooniverseTV, we’re getting Juicy Studios to do the camera work.

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