The first run of Hooniverse Decals: SOLD OUT!

Well, that was quick.

You magnificent bastards bought all the decals we purchased for our first run. Don’t despair if you missed out on this batch, or wanted to buy enough to fund our desire for a real camera crew. We are hard at work (paying the overseas slave laborers in the Hooniverse mine) on the next round, and this time we’re buying more.

Also, besides a white decal, we’re going to offer up a black one, and either a silver or orange one. Additionally, we are going to offer a few decals that can be placed inside the windshield rather than on the outside of the car, as some of you are asking for that option.

Besides the decals, the next order of business for the store will be to get it stocked with t-shirts. Beyond that, we’re thinking license plate frames and possibly hoodies or hats. Do you have an idea for a product you’d like to see slathered with our logo? Let us know in the comments.

One last note…

Thank you.

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