The False Neutral Podcast #105 – Doin’ Things That Haven’t Got A Name Yet

Your three hosts are all back in the (vitual) studio, after a 1-month hiatus. This month we discuss small, unusual motorcyles: custom minibikes, bikes powered by Harbor Freight’s 212cc Predator industrial motor, and Thai 150cc drag bikes. Eric gives a final wrap-up of his stint with the Royal Enfield 650 twin, and Garrett’s been watching The Long Way Up. That leads to a discussion of the prospects for Harley’s electric (or not) future.

Here are links to the YouTube videos we discuss:
El Chapo minibike
Predator 212cc engine swap Honda XL100
XL100-ATC200 hybrid bike
Thailand 150cc bike drags
Ed March C90 Adventures

False Neutral – Doin’ Things That Haven’t Got A Name Yet

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The KX Garrett found for his buddy’s Predator 212 project.
Bultakenstein’s completed crossover shift linkage.
A Harley Livewire modified for The Long Way Up.

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