The Drift Chronicles Part 2: What's in a Name

drift idiot

[Editor’s Note – You remember the gent calling himself the Drift Idiot? His name is Sam Nalven and he’s on a mission to chronicle the current Formula Drift season, and his goal isn’t simply to cover the event but instead to dive a bit deeper. Here then is the second in a series of videos Sam is working on, and the it’s title titled The Drift Chronicles. Enjoy! –KK]

There’s strength in a name. Even if you are named after a possum. Jarod DeAnda, the voice of Formula Drift has given nicknames to many of the FD drivers over the years. Some drivers love it, some hate it, and some just have too many spring break appointments to care.

In this episode of The Drift Chronicles, I explore the root of some of Formula Drift’s more interesting nicknames during FD Round 2 in Atlanta, home of the rowdiest fans and scandal-inducing weather.

Make the jump for the video and enjoy!

[youtube width=”720″ height=”520″][/youtube]

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3 responses to “The Drift Chronicles Part 2: What's in a Name”

  1. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

    I'm really enjoying this series. Also excellent usage of Tycho in the soundtrack. There's not a lot of music that can work well with automotive video, but that's definitely one of them. Also also the trolling of Matt "the Burrito Kid" Powers made me chortle.

  2. skitter Avatar

    Way late to the party. This series is awesome, and I'm not a huge drifting fan. Maybe I should go to one. These kind of well made videos deserve more than two comments, and maybe a wider audience than just the Hoons.

  3. phillipthomas25 Avatar

    I'm digging it, drifting is one motorsport I know I need to get more into. Hell, that hit at 3:00, and the continued drift is why this sport can be awesome.
    Too bad it's all-too-often represented by poor workmanship and bad owners.

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