The Domino's DXP Delivers Delicious Dinners to Your Door

dominos-dxp-front-three-quarter-2 When I saw the first commercial for the Domino’s DXP, I thought it was a joke. A purpose built vehicle, built by a pizza company? Surely you jest? I mean, I’ve certainly had a lot of good ideas about building the perfect pizza delivery vehicle before, but apparently Domino’s has been thinking about this for some time now. Check it out. The DXP starts life as a Chevy Spark, which doesn’t sound promising at first. It’s powered by the stock 1.4 4-cylinder, which will never be confused for a powerful engine, but should be fuel efficient. Drivers should at least appreciate that they won’t be using all their tips to keep it fueled. Inside, there’s just one seat for the driver; the back seat is gone, and in its place is a flat floor and the warming oven, good for a whopping 80 pies. Hosting a party later? DXP has got you covered. dominos-dxp One of the interesting parts of this project, which you can see in more detail below, is the collaboration between Domino’s, GM, and Roush, who did the actual work of transforming the lowly Spark into the outrageous DXP. I like that they thought of everything a delivery driver needs in a car. Chevrolet-Spark-Dominos-DXP-rear-cargo The only downside I can see is that the DXP is a bit of a uni-tasker, so I wonder how long Domino’s plans to maintain their fleet. What else they could be used for? Parts runner, courier, mobile office? The bottom line: I need to start filing a patent for all my good ideas: I could have been rich. [Source: Motor Trend]

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