Dodge Challenger in… "Freedom"

Dodge has been kicking some serious ass lately with their subtly-cool Challenger commercials. Today they are launching a new one entitled Freedom. Head across the jump for the premiere…

Obviously the timing here is brilliant, since the US faces off against the Brits tomorrow in World Cup 2010 action. I am not much of a soccer fan but I am a fan of awesome American auto action (and alliteration – BOO YAH).
This is the third of five new ads. They keep getting better with each one, so hopefully ads four and five continue to raise the bar.
Keep an eye on the Dodge Challenger Facebook page for information on the future commercials when it becomes available.


  1. Yeah, except the Chally is made in that country to your north where we still put the Queen on our money.

  2. Some of Dodge's ads in the past have had a silly jingoistic tint to them, but I found this one hilariously cool. It's still superficially ridiculous, but the anachronism just makes it fun.
    Needs more Dr. Z!
    /no it doesn't

  3. I had no idea that we fought the British in places like western Utah or Nevada with rolling desert hills, scrub oak, juniper trees and sagebrush. In my ignorance, I thought all that happened back east where they have, like, forests and grass and green planty things.

  4. I honestly an thankful for all of the demanding labor that you’ve put into keeping this website around for everyone. I absolutely hope this is around for a nice long while.

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