The DFL Show: Episode 45 – Fursonalities

This week’s episode of The DFL show, Brad has oral surgery and the right half of his mouth is numb, so Eric sort of shares hosting duties. Also Patrick is around to provide insightful commentary. The racing action is getting super heated these days with a solid finish to the 12 Hours of Sebring, an excellent Continental Challenge race, some cool stuff going down at Goodwood’s Member’s Meeting, a 12 hour race at Mugello, a Phoenix NASCAR race, and more.

We have a metric ton of news to hustle through, including F1 stuff, the various bits being sold in the Manor GP sale, NASCAR not fining the Busch-Logano incident, IndyCar stuff, WEC, IMSA, PWC, Supercars, New BBC America Top Gear hosts, and a whole lot more. There isn’t a game this week, because we spent all that time talking about my teeth. Sorry. – BB

The DFL Show – Fursonalities

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