The DFL Show: Episode 44 – The Pat Long Game

A slightly fuller house this week, we have Stef, Brad, Eric, and Patrick on the show this week, and we’ve delivered quick recaps of the racing from this weekend, IndyCar, Pirelli World Challenge, WRC, NASCAR Fist Fighting, etc. A friend of the show wrote a lovely piece regarding sexism and the treatment of female fans in motorsport, and of course we all have fresh hot takes on that subject. Formula 1 news, NASCAR news, IndyCar news, WEC news, IMSA news, other stuff. We have a 20 Questions game, and give out our awards. This weekend is Sebring, so get pumped for that. Thanks for listening!

The DFL Show – The Pat Long Game

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3 responses to “The DFL Show: Episode 44 – The Pat Long Game”

  1. dukeisduke Avatar

    What cable networks are carrying Sebring this year? Any online streams? Any free ones?

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      Broadcast schedule is here. It looks like the race start will be on Fox Sports Go and will continue through the finish on Fox Sports 1.

      It looks like there *might* be full-race streaming on IMSA TV.

  2. tromoly Avatar

    Hey Pat, Power Wheels sponsored Bigfoot back in the ’90s, there was a Power Wheels Bigfoot for a few years. Check it out: