The DFL Show: Episode 43 – Life, The Universe, And Everything, Plus One

Oh boy, what a show we have for you this week! Stef, Brad, and Eric are all sitting around the mics this week to give you the pop culture references and lists of things wrong with their cars that you all crave. What? Racing? You wanted us to talk about racing? I guess we do that, too…

Stef kicks off the show with a list of things wrong with her Parshalump race car, then we give a decent breakdown of all the racing from the weekend, most of which could not be watched at all. Brad gives an excellent unpaid advertisement for MTOD, We did get a chance to see the Supercars racing from Adelaide, but Trans Am at Sebring was untelevised, we just know it was a shitshow, and the Mint 400 was also untelevised, we just know it was awesome. 

Some NASCAR news, IndyCar testing news, still silly season in a few championships, there’s some new F1 stuff, St. Pete GP is this weekend and looks to be pretty damn awesome. Check your local listings. 

The DFL Show – Life, The Universe, And Everything, Plus One

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[Photo: Bobby Ray via IMSA Fans on Facebook]

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