The DFL Show: Episode 31 – NASCAR or Adult Film Star?


This week on the DFL show we have Brad, Pat, Stef, Eric, and Joel, which makes for some excellent conversation. We have a ton to talk about, even though the racing season is pretty much over. Don’t worry, though, because we’re only a couple of weeks away from IMSA’s pre-season test, and a couple weeks after that is the Daytona 24, so we won’t have much downtime. The only race of any note this weekend was the Gulf 12 Hours, and Eric has a quick report from that event.

After that, we have some Audi LMP1 news, a bit of F1, some NASCAR title sponsor news, Indycar, WEC’s new regulations, IMSA’s new regulations, DTM schedule clash with Le Mans, And some Aussie Supercars news. Pat says if the Merc seat doesn’t go to Bottas, he’ll eat Stef’s old jar of Vegemite (fingers crossed they hire Wehrlein)! We actually have a few listener questions, plus a listener-submitted game we’re lovingly calling “NASCAR or Porn Star” (thanks Bill!), then we give away only one award this week, and leave to celebrate Christmas. Enjoy!

The DFL Show – NASCAR Or Adult Film Star?

We also have a special recording from Joel, who interviewed a couple drivers you may have heard of, who will be competing in the 12 hours of Bathurst in a BMW M6 (pictured above). Go check that out if you have a moment!

The DFL Show – DFL Quick Hits – Interviews With Steven Richards & Mark Winterbottom

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[Photo: Joel]




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