The DFL Show: Episode 28 – Blunders Down Under W/ Joel Strickland


This week we have a guest, or is he another host? Joel Strickland, Hooniverse contributor, joins us from Down Under. He’s got a unique perspective on motorsport, and he’s a huge Aussie Virgin Supercars fan, so we have a lot in common. Joel is on board with Brad, Pat, and Eric to talk about all kinds of motorsport. Speaking of Supercars, the finale was last weekend. We also discuss some 25 Hours of Thunderhill, the Asian Le Mans Series from Fuji, and a bit of LeMons Arse Freeze.

We talk about Nico Rosberg’s retirement, the new Caddy DPi, the BMW Art Car thing, new Porsche hires (again), and some IMSA and PWC news. There’s a little NASCAR and IndyCar news, as well as a new course for the SCCA Runoffs, a new Hyundai WRC car, and WTCC is a joke. We talked about Australian motorsport for about 20 minutes, but Joel’s audio cut out, so we had to cut that bit. I’m gutted, but it was still great. We handed out some awards and then bounced. It was a good time. Hopefully Joel will come back some time soon!

The DFL Show – Blunders Down Under

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