The DFL Show: Episode 24 – Mint 400 Wannabes


On this week’s episode, Duncan and Eric are out trick-or-treating with their kids, so the assylum is left to the inmates as Brad, Pat, and Stef ramble about sports cars and other stuff for a while.

We’re giving away a pair of Hunziker Design driving shoes, so listen to find out how you can win yourself a sweet sweet pair of shoes.

In this episode we discuss Sebastian’s cursing fits, Superformula’s exciting season finale, Asian Le Mans exciting season premier, Dovi winning in MotoGP, Audi leaving LMP1, Volkswagen leaving WRC, Porsche doubling down on sports cars with a mid-engine GTE car, Dale Earnhardt and driver safety, Simon Pagenaud’s Jean Girard-esque desires, Flying Lizard running a pair of Cayman GT4s, Porsche’s Sound Nacht, Red Bull’s Mint 400 video, some IndyCar silly-season moves, and a few other pieces of random discussion that pop into our heads.

We don’t have any listener questions, and we don’t have a quiz, so this is a relatively short episode. Thanks for listening, we appreciate you!

The DFL Show – Mint 400 Wannabes

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One response to “The DFL Show: Episode 24 – Mint 400 Wannabes”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Just listened to this show – that SRO approved a rear diffuser rule that significantly disadvantaged Porsche raises many questions! GT3 has had a case of scope-creep for some time, to the point where it is really a whole different category now.