The DFL Show: Episode 2 – Weeb


Stef Schrader (Blackflag/Jalopnik) joins Brad, Eric, and Patrick for the first time on episode two. She’s a part time host more than some time guest, I guess. We’re trying to find our “artistic voice” so we experimented with some new segments and talked less about the actual racing this week, mostly because there wasn’t nearly as much racing to watch this week. We watched Super Formula, IndyCar, Indy Lights, some ELMS, and some 24 Hour Series, as well as a bit of MotoGP. We’re all getting excited for Eldora (which happens tonight, Wednesday), and next weekend has a ton of great racing coming up. Stef drove a Nissan Micra Cup car, which we’re all supremely jealous of.

We talk about why Super Formula is the best, and Patrick does his best to convince us that F1 is still somehow better, we discuss Continental Tire Grand Sport class issues, Eric has a fun Japan-based quiz, we chat about what a modern IROC series would look like, and how to make V8 Supercars happen in the US again. Then come the awards. You’ll love it, I promise.

We hope you enjoy this show, leave questions, comments, and concerns below, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages. We want to know what segments you enjoy or don’t and what you’d like to see stay or get kicked to the curb (kerb?).

The DFL Show – Weeb

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