The DFL Show: Episode 12 – Just Austin Things


This week on The DFL Show, Eric is busy with Drag Week things, Stef is busy with Jalopnik things, and Duncan is busy with Professional Racecar Driver things, so its just Patrick and Brad talking at you this week. We have not really that much racing to cover this week, but somehow make an hour out of it anyway. Listen along and tell us what you think in the comments below.

There was Super Formula, Indy Lights finale, DTM at the Nurburgring, MotoGP, Goodwood, Drag Week, Andy Lally being a looney toon, and a few listener questions. No quiz this week because we don’t have an Eric to administer one. We spend some time discussing the death of dirt track racer Shane Unger, which as expected is uncomfortable. And as always we end out the show with our weekly awards and discuss what we’re watching next week. In case you didn’t know, Stef and Pat and Brad will all be at COTA for the Lone Star Le Mans weekend. It should be good. If you’re there, hit one of us up on social media, and say hi.

The DFL Show – Just Austin Things

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