The DFL Show: Episode 11 – As Both As It Gets


The whole crew is back this week with Stef, Brad, Duncan, Pat, and Eric on the show. We have lots to discuss, including the 6 hours of Mexico, the 24 hours of Barcelona, VLN 6 hour, WTCC, MotoGP, IndyCar, Dixon being a badass, NASCAR Trucks and their idiotic finish, F1 in Italy, Jenson and Felipe are retiring, F1 is for sale, GTE Am wants a regs freeze, Marco Andretti changing cars, Simona moving to V8 Supercars.

We also have some features, including Eric’s Quiz, this time about monster trucks and B-movies, our weekly awards “whatchoo watchin’ next week?”, and final thoughts from Duncan.

The DFL Show – As Both As It Gets

Photo: Ivan Novotny

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2 responses to “The DFL Show: Episode 11 – As Both As It Gets”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    I’m a bit behind on podcasts but I think I’ve got the right episode; a classic motorsport name was the ex-top fuel drag racer Rachelle Splatt. Incidentally she is about to make a comeback after 10 years out of the sport. The only female member of the NHRA Slick 50 300 mph club (the 16th driver to run 300, back in 1994).

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Also from later in the podcast, it is definitely not normal for a driver to be contracted by V8 Supercars directly (maybe I will stop calling them that when they have non-V8’s?)