The Detroit Auto Show; What are the highlights thus far?

Since Andy Didorosi has already finished a post on the Auto Show (Thanks Andy) I just thought I would do a quick post on what we (UDman and engineerd) think are the highlights of the NAIAS so far. Here is Dustin shooting a video for (and having a great time, by the way).

The Chrysler Atlantica (Thats a joke son)

Some of the cars are very boring, somewhat questionable, with a few gems sprinkled about on the show floor. We both agreed that the Chrysler Display was sadness personified, with a re-hash of their product, including a horible edition of the PT Cruiser. However, there was this really sweet looking Lancia with a Chrysler grill tacked on. One of our CarDomain collegues called it the Atlantica (Because it was smaller than the Pacifica.) Drum roll please. There was also a sweet pair of Fiat 500 Abarths on the floor, along with other Italian masterpieces interspersed within the Chrysler booth.
The Morgan Aero Supersports

Tesla was there with their new Sedan variant called the Tesla Model S, which is quite hot looking for a sedan. Further details will follow about this car, but right next to the sedan was the new Morgan Aero Supersports. This is a modern Morgan with a 4.7L BMW V8, with 368 BHP, and a top speed of 170 MPH. The British Brute goes for over $190,000.
The GMC Granite Concept. Nope, nothing Granite-like here.

The worst prize goes to another crossover concept, from GMC. It’s called the Granite (of which there is not even a flake of granite on the entire vehicle), powered by a 1.4L Turbocharged 4 cylinder, all wheel drive, and is repulsive. The interior will never make production, nor will the doors, grill section, or the engine for that matter. GM May even have to pay royalties for the use of the name because its currently used by Mack Trucks. GMC Called this concept an Urban Utility Vehicle. I call is a sad Scion XB Copy, and not a very good one at that.
The BYD F3 DM. Dont call it a Corolla.

An Italian Beauty at the Chrysler Booth.

There are a bunch of no shows here at the show this year, including Nissan, Porsche, and Mitsubishi. There were also vacant spaces left when GM dissolved Pontiac, Hummer, Saab, and Saturn. Diddles highlighted one car maker who filled in, and the Chinese Car Maker BYD also took prominent space on the main floor, showcasing their hybrids that look like 15 year old Toyota Corollas. They promise that they will be here in 2011.
Stay tuned, as Dustin and I still have this afternoon to go, as well as all day tomorrow. I have suggested to Dustin that he concentrate on shooting the Booth Professionals, so that we can do a posting before the competition (The J!).

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  1. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    I'm still mystified by the continued appearance of the Chinese, given that they're not even selling here.
    BYD promises (threatens?) to be here in 2011…what about the rest?
    Also, typically one uses an auto show to highlight the positives of their cars/brand. For the last 3 years, the Chinese manufacturers have been nothing but the butt of countless jokes.
    The least they could do is highlight the one thing they've got going for them: cost. If you put a $7500 price tag on that Corolla knock-off, people would at least take pause to think it seriously.

    1. lilwillie Avatar

      They just brought over the gear from Red Dawn 2 and dusted it off.
      Or they are actually planning a invasion…

    2. lowmiles Avatar

      I think of the first-generation Hyundais and Kias, and the brief nightmare that was Daewoo, and recall that they had similarly challenged styling and build-quality issues. The first-gen Excel – penned by Giugiaro, no less – was cheap – really cheap – but it was a truly terrible car. The first export Kia, the Kia Pride, was a Ford Festiva, and a terrible one at that. And then there was/is Daewoo.
      Still, Japan and South Korea are democracies and not police states. Fairly conservative societies, sure, but not societies that are dependent upon fear to motivate people into following orders.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    You joke, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the Delta was sold here as the Chrysler Atlantica. Either that, or to take a page out of rebadged Delta history, the 600. Somehow, it'd fit in with the Fiat 500 and the Chrysler 300, even if it was proportionally completely nonsensical.

    1. Tomsk Avatar

      Atlantica was the name of a track in Need for Speed III. Sadly, that Lancia doesn't look nearly as exciting.[youtube -gIvb7a6RiE youtube]

    2. Han_Solex Avatar

      I think they should badge it the "Hotlanta-ica" and cash in on the Dirty South craze. Maybe they could call it "Filthy Calabria" or something. Imagine Lil Wayne spittin' in Italian.

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    Sadly, the Atlantica is pretty catchy. I would not put it past Chrysler.
    When I saw the Granite concept this morning, I lost my appetite for lunch. I thought we were working our way past these Urban Utility Vehicles (UUV, seriously?!)

  4. CptSevere Avatar

    Granite is an igneous rock, but there's nothing hot about that GMC. Talk about leaverite (leave 'er right there, it's worthless).

    1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

      …and isn't Chevy the brand that's "Like a Rock?"

  5. engineerd Avatar

    Surprisingly, this is the first picture in our booth babes series.

    1. Maymar Avatar

      Since you don't have a low-cut top (disappointingly), I assume you're going for the classy cougar look?

    2. joshuman Avatar

      Are you wearing any pants? Only the guy in the suit knows for sure.