crawford performance subaru crosstrek

The Crawford Performance Subaru Crosstrek is exactly how a Crosstrek should look

I am not quite sure how I missed this build from Crawford Performance. I’m a fan of the Crosstrek, even if I wish it had more power. It’s a great machine that takes on the fun style of a quasi-wagon with some off-road ability. But this version from Crawford kicks things way up.

The list of upgrades isn’t crazy, and I’d even leave off some of the lights. Especially the ones near the hood and side mirrors. But it appears fully ready to rock. There’s more protection underneath, more clearance, and more noise. This Crosstrek features a two-inch lift, rock sliders, aluminum rear control arms, and a skid plate. I really like the trio of lights out front, the wheel and tire choice, and the tucked bumpers.

crawford performance subaru crosstrek

This build takes its inspiration from another machine I missed; the Crosstrek Desert Racer. You can see the Baja-ready machine at the beginning of the video above (and at the link in the prior sentence). That one gets true long-travel shocks, big BFGs at each corner, and a tube chassis. It’s a Class 5 Unlimited Buggy and it kicks a whole lot of ass. Especially with the Crawford-tuned 2.5-liter Boxer engine out back. This is basically similar to the Wide Open Buggy I’ve driven except on Subaru-branded steroids.

And it’s clearly a hell of a build as it has many first-in-class finishes under its belt.

I only found out about this build after a Tweet showing some upcoming vehicles for the latest Forza Horizon game.

The Desert Racer caught my eye and sent me on a short rabbit hole of discovering the excellent Crosstrek seen here. And now I need to find it and drive it in real life… both versions.

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One response to “The Crawford Performance Subaru Crosstrek is exactly how a Crosstrek should look”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    The most exciting thing about this article is that the Volvo Amazon (one of my all-time favorite cars) will again be available in Forza Horizon. The Continental should be a fun one, too.

    Sadly, Subaru lost my interest years ago.