The Car I Would Do (Nearly) Anything to Own.

Image courtesy Anamera

I’m just going to get right to the point on this distressingly (and distractingly) gorgeous February day in the great Pacific Northwest – as long as the bodycount was ultimately less than 10 and none of my limbs were required to be sacrificed, I would do nearly anything to get my hands on a Toyota 2000GT like the one for sale in the Westfalen region of Germany. And red’s not even my favorite color.

Interestingly enough, white was both the most common color on the slinky and deceptively tiny sportscar from Toyota, and it is also my favorite. It just shows how wonderful the lines are on the 2000GT that both white and red come of as being appealing.
Usually, red attracts attention without necessarily highlighting the best features of a design. When you’ve got a F355 that might be a good thing – and hopefully the retina-searing color will blind you to repair bills. But it’s no mark against this particular GT, and it even wears the chrome spoked rims fairly well. I’d take the original knock-off dark mags (compare with this BAT offering), but you can’t win ’em all.

Actually, on closer inspection there’s a lot that is sort of off-putting about this particular example. What’s going on with that heinous faux-RAZO shift knob? Why the obnoxious Castrol decals on a clearly street-going vehicle? Where in the name of everything good and pure in this world did those hideous seats come from? You know what, mein deutscher Freund? Let’s knock off, say, 180,000EUR from the price in consideration of these starkly offensive elements and call it good! Just ring my banker for a money transfer. He’s in Nigeria – incidentally, he’s also the banker for the Prince! Now, let’s get it into a shipping container post haste.
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  1. Cynic Avatar

    In all seriousness the non-original knob and seats ay take a significant chunk off the selling price of this thing.
    Agreed with you in that this is one of the best looking sports cars of all time.

  2. discontinuuity Avatar

    I wonder if anyone has made a kit-car reproduction of the 2000GT. I'd actually kinda want one of those, maybe with a fiberglass body, Se7en-style tube chassis, and Supra drivetrain.

    1. James Avatar

      How about all aluminum.
      This guy can accommodate you there.

  3. facelvega Avatar

    I don't know if those stickers, seats, and shift knob really qualify as deal breakers here. Weird that they left them in place, though, because they might make prospective buyers worry about how well the car has been cared for, always a concern with cars costing more than a house.
    The white and red question is tricky, though. Luckily with something like a Facel Vega this is not a concern, as they were only offered in the colors of wine, whisky, tweed, and money.

  4. Bret Avatar

    A 2000GT takes a prime spot in my Fantasy Garage. I've never seen one in real life; someday… This was a Goertz design, no?
    It is a gorgeous day up here in Seattle. I'm off to run errands toplessly in the Miata.

    1. facelvega Avatar

      put a shirt on!

    2. tonyola Avatar

      From Wiki:
      "Much of the work was done by Yamaha, which in addition to its wide product range of the time also did much work for other Japanese manufacturers. Many credit the German-American designer Albrecht Goertz, a protégé of Raymond Loewy, as inspiration for the car. He had gone to Yamaha in Japan in the early 1960s to develop a two-seater sports car for Nissan. A prototype was built, but Nissan decided eventually not to pursue the project. Yamaha also worked for Toyota, then perceived as the most conservative of the Japanese auto makers. Wishing to improve their image, Toyota accepted the proposal, but employed a design of their own penned by Toyota designer Satoru Nozaki."

  5. texan_idiot25 Avatar

    I've been rockin' one on Forza 2 lately. The stock engine is hopped up as much as I can for A-Class (it maybe maxed out, I forget), but it's handling is beautiful in the game, and is one of my most favorite cars to use. Not terribly quick for a-class, but it'll wipe everything out in the corners.
    And it looks sexy in mesh style wheels.

  6. Alff Avatar

    Many years ago, Alex, there used to be not one but TWO of these in someone's garage in Medina (big surprise). As a wee lad, I was intrigued by them whenever we drove by and the garage door was open.

    1. Alex Kierstein Avatar
      Alex Kierstein

      Jesus. I think we need to do some detective work and get to the bottom of that. I'm sure the story is worth hearing. I can see maybe a pair of BMW 507s in a single garage in Medina … but two 2000GTs? I'm so intrigued.

  7. James Avatar

    Garcia Toyota in Albuquerque had one sitting in their showroom up until the early 1990's when Karl Malone (the basketball player) bought the franchise out and replaced it with a purple US Mail truck (the mailman always delivers).
    My young hoon friends and I stopped in to their showroom far less often after that.
    I never got the story on the Garcia's 2000GT. I wonder if it had been sitting in a showroom since new. It certainly looked like it had never seen weather.

  8. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wow. The closest I've ever gotten to one of these is building a model of it, years ago.

  9. Joe Dunlapl Avatar
    Joe Dunlapl

    Many years ago (the 70s) when I lived in SLO, our local sports car club would hold a concours every year, and every year a fellow from LA would drive a red one up for the weekend to enter it. To this day, it is the only one ive ever seen in person, and the image is seared into my brain. Like most of the rest of you, Ive lusted for one ever since. BTW, he always took best of show. An absolutely stunning car.

  10. rb1971 Avatar

    There's a high-end car detailing place in San Francisco that has a white one of these sitting in a corner, deteriorating away. It's been there at least 4 years (I get my cars detailed there once a year), but looks like it's been there 10 more. They were surprised I knew what it was but didn't offer any other information.
    If anyone is interested, I'll provide the location. Never can tell when someone's project car goes from maybe to never – and then for sale.

    1. Peter S. Avatar
      Peter S.

      RB, the owner of the CA detailing shop is long term storing that for someone and would VERY MUCH appreciate it not being mentioned as he has no sway over the car.
      Peter S.

  11. GT man Avatar
    GT man

    Come to south Florida. There I'd a Toyota and Lexus dealer that has 15 of them all in excellent condition. He shows them once in a while but they are always perfectly running and he drives them around a lot.

  12. Guest Avatar

    The dealer in South Florida actually even has one of two remaining (only 3 were ever built) right-hand drive, Carroll Shelby 2000GT's. The one in South Florida was driven by Scooter Patrick in 1968 during the SCCA season.

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