The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 185 – Brad’s West Coast Tour

On this episode of the Cammed & Tubbed podcast, Brad and Cam are discussing the finer points of terrible automotive opinions. Brad is currently on assignment in SoCal, but has recently been in Seattle, San Antonio, and San Francisco doing car-related shenanigans. Cam is heading to Michigan today (Friday) to help a friend with a terrible car purchasing decision. Tune in to hear some opinions on various Acura hybrids (including the NSX), and Volkswagen’s new Atlas 3-row SUV. 

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Brad’s West Coast Tour


As usual, our Tuesday episode is dedicated to answering your listener questions. We appreciate that you guys continue to tune in to listen to us ramble, so thank you. You the real MVP. 
The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Smooth & Refreshing

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One response to “The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 185 – Brad’s West Coast Tour”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    If we’re talking unsolicited opinions, the worst thing to happen to enthusiast cars is the V6 Camry, because we now have this ridiculous bar set that if you can’t pass, you’re “slow.” Nevermind that thousands of tiny little British sports cars could barely keep up with your typical Galaxie or Cutlass, nevermind that literally no one who buys a V6 Camry would notice if you swapped the motor for a pair of 6-year olds on Big Wheels, nope you need more straightline speed than you can handle in anything resembling a sports car (but then we still wanna lawlz at the Mustangs mowing down pedestrians, because we could totally handle that BRO).

    New Lincolns aren’t aspirational cars unless you’re a conservative midwestern Boomer, and exist only so you’ll have something to move to because you’ve got too much money to buy your 7th Taurus.

    As far as 300 drivers being… less than ideal, I work in car rental – we’ve had a group of renters (on friend-of-employee discount codes even) who seem to prefer renting LX cars as often as possible (unless they can get a Durango), and have had an unusual amount of these cars put into police impound. Make of that what you will.