The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 110 – Turbo For Reals W/ Jonathon Klein

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Klein returns for the third time to the C&T podcast. We like having him on, because it’s so easy to get him worked up about dumb car stuff. All I have to say is something like “Paganis are dumb” or “Nobody really *needs* more than 200 horsepower” and he’ll fly off the handle like a crazy person. It’s hilarious, entertaining, and engaging audio, so hopefully you’ll have fun listening to this one. Klein last joined us when he was just starting at Automobile Magazine (, so we get some updates now that he’s been involved in a few issues. Klein and Brad were both recently at the North American launch of the 991.2 Carrera, and Jason went to drive GT350s. Not to be outdone, Cam bought a gotdang Harley Davidson. He deserves Ohio, and Ohio deserves him.
This week’s topics include: The Three D’s, more listener questions, Porsche 911 drive, GT350 drive, recent travel, I feel old, I feel nostalgic, Cam and Brad both drove big vans (and we cannot lie), #KleiningIt, LeMons dream builds, aircooled 911s, embarrassing parents/car stories, Do you buy a higher version or the bargain car and tune it?, Among many many other things. This was an extra long episode, so hopefully we don’t bore you to death. We also discuss what kind of sauce we’re using.

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Turbo For Reals W./ Jonathon Klein

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